Testing of patient-derived stem cell extracellular vesicles loaded with drugs in a personalized lung-cancer on-chip platform (LoC4Ev)

This project aims to develop a personalised NSCLC patient lung cancer on chip (LCoC) and lung on chip (LoC) as a model system where to test the efficacy of drug-loaded patient-derived MSC produced EVs compared to the drug by itself.

Development of a novel microfluidic device for label-free quantification of prostate cancer-derived extracellular vesicles and analysis of their RNA content (PROCEX)

This project aims at developing a radically new technology for non-invasive detection and monitoring of prostate cancer (PC) based on label-free quantification of PC-derived extracellular vesicles (EVs) and analysis of their RNA content. This technology will combine a multi-stage microfluidic system with optical resonators and novel reagents – nanobodies allowing to capture, quantify and analyse the RNA cargo of specific PC-derived EV subpopulations in the blood or urine.

Enclosed lung on a chip system development suitable for respiratory disease research in BSL3 and microgravity systems (LoCBox)

This project aims to overcome technical challenges when working with organ on chip models in biological safety level 3 (BSL3) environment and microgravity by developing enclosed test system capable of cultivating cells and be compatible with BLS3 workflow and microgravity systems.

AI-improved organ on chip cultivation for personalised medicine (AImOOC)

The project aims to improve the cultivation of patient-derived cell cultures in OOC (Organ-on-Chip) equipment by applying real-time machine learning algorithms to microfluidics and using light-field microscopy, transepithelial electrical resistance, and O2 sensor data.

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